Wee Bee Trackin’s Great Danes

Deposit Contract
This contract is entered into between Wee Bee Trackin’s Great Danes and:
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
E-Mail: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
On _________________________ a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $300.00
Was placed to hold the following puppy: ____________________________________________
MaleFemaleColor: _________________
This deposit will holh the puppy stated above until it turns 8 weeks of age, at which time arrangements for pickup / delivery are to be made. The purchase contract is to be signed at time of pickup of puppy or if puppy is to be shipped prior to shipping and remainder of the balance is due.
When a deposit is received the puppy will be listed as sold.
If you change your mind about the purchase of your puppy the deposit will not be refundable as I will have turned away buyers.

Buyer: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Seller: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Deposit payment can be made by personal check or PayPal.

Sales Contract

This contract is entered into between Wee Bee Trackin’s Great Danes (hereinafter “SELLER”)
And (Buyer Name) _________________________________________  (hereinafter “BUYER”)
Address: _____________________________________________________________________-
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________
E-Mail Address: _________________________________________________________________

The puppy being sold as a Purebred AKC Registered Great Dane, known as
Color: ___________________, Sex: _____________________, DOB: ____________________,
Sire: _________________________________, Dam: __________________________________
For the purchase price of $ ____________________.


BUYER understands the full payment is due at the time BUYER takes possession of the puppy. Balance of purchase price is to be paid by Cash or PayPal, if being paid by PayPal it must be paid 48 hours before time of pick up.
This puppy is being sold with limited registration (unless other arrangements have been made) BUYER agrees to register this puppy within 14 days from the date of sale.
This puppy is being sold on a spay/neuter contract, with spay/neuter being required no later than 18 months of age.

SELLER certifies that, upon BUYER’S receipt of this puppy, the puppy is in good health and has been vaccinated and wormed per the accompanying heath record. SELLER certifies that this puppy has had a physical examination by a licensed veterinarian; proof of this has been provided to the BUYER.

BUYER agrees to make an appointment for this puppy prior to him/her going to the new home or within 72 hours with a licensed veterinarian. Please keep in mind that we only guarantee your new puppy for 72 hours as additional age appropriate vaccinations must be given in a timely manner.

SELLER: Guarantees puppy free from any genetic health problems (meaning hip dysplasia or life threatening genetic defects) for the first 24 months from the puppy’s birth date.
If any genetic health problems develop the SELLER will replace the puppy with a replacement pup of equal value when one becomes available.  CASH refunds will not be given.
Documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating such life threatening defect exists will be sent to SELLER and SELLER reserve the right to obtain a second opinion from another licensed veterinarian.

BUYER certifies by signing this agreement that the puppy will live with the BUYER, will have adequate exercise, socialization, and necessary annual health care, including vaccines and parasite preventions, from a licensed Veterinarian.
BUYER agrees to ALWAYS properly house and contain dog in a fenced yard or kennel of proper size for an Extra-large breed dog.  NEVER chain the dog for any reason.  Puppy will be fed a large breed diet to ensure an appropriate growth rate to maintain healthy bones, joints and ligaments. Puppy will not be put on slippery floors or surfaces while bones are growing, which can cause harm to hip and joints. In the event that the dog can no longer be kept by the buyer, the breeder will be notified of the person or persons’ dog is being transferred to. If a home cannot be found, the buyer agrees to return pup to the breeder. A refund will not be given.

BUYER'S SIGNATURE: _______________________________

SELLER'S SIGNATURE: _______________________________

Great Dane Prices
$800 AKC Registered
Discounts to Law Enforcement, SAR units and Military Veterans)