Breed Bitch / SAR K-9  AZ
Mandi and Richard        Luke And Anne
Southwest SAR K-9's
Sable  & Karen children's K-9 companion
Chole and Ginger  Breed Bitches  AZ
Tulla  and Patrina
Show Dog Canada
Pauly  SAR K-9 In training  CA.
Tera   Law Enforcement CA
Mandi and Richard
Southwest SAR K-9's
Humphrey &
(Actor) Mark Dailey
SAR & k-9 companion
Rosie aka Chien 
Special needs Child's k-9 companion
Kisses  aka  Odie 
Child's k-9 companion
Honey Bear a.k.a Humphrey
Honey West 
Miss Marple & Lori
Ruby a.k.a.  Ms Marple  Show Dog
Fawn  a.k.a. Lady Gwen Breed Bitch Idaho
Law Enforcement
Leonard Fowler and Domino aka  Sherlock
Indy and KT Northwest SAR Dogs Cody, Wy
Ted Hamm and Scarlet
Wally & (Mary Melton)
Abused children's K-9 Liaison. "Good Boy Wally give them the Love they need"

Chein says good-bye to brother Indy
A New Red Breed
Bitch For Arizona
Honey Bun
Ted Hamm and the famous Scarlett 

Wally & Catherine now SAR K-9 in training
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                Wally & Catherine Urban Test Trail And He makes the FIND !
                                              WAY TO GO TEAM!
Charlie about to be found
Wally working the scent
Wally had to work around weed-eaters and tractors and still going strong "GOOD BOY"
Wally still working the scent
Tracker and Erin He goes to his new family Mom will miss you!
Domino start of test trail  Domino makes the find.
Miranda On The Trail
My New SAR K-9
My Wally Waldo

Ted Hamm and Ramblin Rose
Ted and Rose recently appeared on  National Geographic
"Dog Genius"
Miranda passed her testing at  The Canine Academy this May 2009
She is now cetified in Level One Wilderness Search & Rescue and will be working on Urban training with the Elko Count Search & Rescue K-9 Unit