Wee Bee Trackin Search And Rescue Dogs

Contact: Janet Childs   (775) 934-0272
Purchase Price of each pup = $700
Discounts given: to law enforcement and Search And Rescue Units
Always properly house and contain dog in a fenced yard or kennel of proper size for a large breed dog.  NEVER chain the dog for any reason. Make sure dog is in good health and taken to the vet for regular check-ups and shots.  Make sure that puppies have proper food for their growing bones, and that they not be put on slippery floors or surfaces while bones are growing, which can cause harm to hip and joints. In the event that the dog can no longer be kept by the buyer, the breeder will be notified of the person or persons dog is being transferred to. If a home can not be found, the buyer agrees to return pup to the breeder.
To sale puppies with health certificate. Have dew claws removed, Shots started, and de-wormed. To replace pup from the next         possible litter, should the pup develop hip dysplasia in the first       year, (due to genetics and not from improper care or feeding of   the pup while growing). To guarantee that all puppies have been raised indoors with human contact, and well socialized to household noises. Started in mantrailing and house breaking (depends on age of pup at purchase.) To be available to answer questions and give advice if needed. To send you home with information on proper care and feeding of your new pup. And To help anyone getting started in Search and rescue by giving you information and a contact person in  your area if available.                     
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All images property of Wee Bee Trackin Copy righted
All images property of Wee Bee Trackin Copy righted
All images property of Wee Bee Trackin Copy righted
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