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Nicole,  K9  Domino, Janet & K-9 Dooley Certifications @ The Canine nine Training Academy 2000
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Wee Bee Trackin
Search & Rescue Dogs

27 years experience
A nonprofit Organization here to assist in finding  Criminals, hunters, hikers,  and Children in Northern Nevada.
Certified  wilderness tracking / trailing  teams.
Breeder, trainer and handler of mantrailing bloodhounds.

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Deputy Commander Childs and K-9 Copper
Janet and K-9 Lady Copper and Janet and K-9  Miranda
NV P.O.S.T. Certified Wilderness Man Tracker, Visual Awareness, Sign Cutting and Wilderness Search & Rescue
NV P.O.S.T. Category Four Reserve Officer
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Wee Bee Trackin
Search & Rescue Dogs & Great Danes